Noriko Sakai Links
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Noriko Skai - Sun Music Group - It's the exactest site because of Sun Music's opening.(I guess)
Victor Entertainment Her belonging record company.
PP rikorino A fashion brand produced by Noriko herself.
Movie, TV drama
Okami ni narimasu! It's NHK's TV drama. NEW
Juon2 This is the first staring movie.
Moonlight Jellyfish It's a movie starring Tatsuya Fujiwara. NEW
Yogen It's a horror movie. She is with the aim of becoming "horror queen" continued "Juon2". NEW
ARAX Co.,Ltd. You can see CM of Norshin.
CHUBU Electric Power Co.,Inc. All Electrification.
CHUBU Electric Power Co.,Inc. CM library. There're four.
WIDEX Co.,Ltd. It's a company of hearing aid.
NSICP Homepage Noriko Sakai Internet Cheering Party is a group of interested guys and ladies cheering for Noriko.
Hong Kong Noriko Sakai Alliance A group in Hong Kong. It's greater than Japanese one.(HKNSA)
Enter for Noriko's World An action document database etc is great.
Shiny Artists English page is main for a foreigner.
St.Noriko Academy You can understand Noriko's history always.
Noriko Sakai's World There are wallpapers made by webmaster.
Lai's Noriko Sakai Page There are plenty video files.

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