Musical Note
cast  Sat.Jul 18,I went to Tokyo International Forum to see a long-awaited musical "big". Fuji TV's site

A boy Josh puts a 25 cent coin into the uncanny "Zoltar Machine". When he wishes that he wants to grow up,next morning he really has become "big"!!
And he meets Suzan,a transitory love story with her begins.
In 1988 heart-warming comedy movie "big" was released with Tom Hanks starring and it was a big hit.Its Broadway,New York version of musical is first performed this summer in Japan.

Josh BaskinToshiaki Karasawaa poster

a stand car
Susan LawrenceNoriko Sakai
George MacMillanAkira Takarada
Mrs.BaskinAtsuko Takahata
Paul SeymourKenichi Honma
Miss WatsonYumiko Ishitomi
Cynthia BensonSayaka Yoshino
BookJohn Weidman
MusicDavid Shire
LyricsRichard Maltby,Jr.
DirecterKozo Nagayama
Script adviser,TranslationEriko Kitagawa
Arrangement,ConductorTakayuki Hattori

a back door Comments etc.
This musical is constructed by two acts.Noriko entered in the middle of 1st act. She weared deep blue suit and played a vice president of a career woman. I think that her solo was more than Mr.Karasawa's solo.She played an active part on singing and dancing.Needless to say, musical itself is very funny too so I felt that the current of time was very fast.It is worth watching "big" for non Noriko's fan,not to mention Noriko's fan.

I appreciated it in the 2nd front row.I was very very satisfied because I was able to see expression.People who haven't watched "big" yet,right now ,Let's go!! (The end)

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